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Safely Controlling Fleas

Skin Itself

Start by eliminating the flea friendly enviornment of dry, flakey skin. Adequate nutrition as well as meal enhancement pure oils are key for healthy skin balance.


Begin with giving your dog or cat a bath with a natural flea shampoo. A gentle shampoo will often do the trick becuase water itself will kill fleas. Be sure that the shampoo you choose is safe for cats and elderly pets.

Keep the Home Enviornment Free of Fleas

Dust, sweep, vacuum, and mop all surfaces where pets have been and wash bedding frequently. Eggs are laid on the pet and drop off as it moves. 
Boric acid crystals or bug bombs and sprays may be used depending on weather the home is carpeted or consists primarily of wood and tile flooring. 
**We are happy to talk to you about proper usage and safety precautions for both methods.

When Usual Methods are Not Enough 

Some dogs and cats have or may develop an allergy to flea saliva (FAD or flea allergy dermatitis) One single bite from a flea on a dog or cat with FAD can bring on an allergic reaction and a veternarian should be consulted as soon as possible.

At Maddie Mae's Pet Pantry we are knowlegeable and happy to help but we are not veternarians. We do extensive research and carefully choose our products but neither our advise nor or our lists of tips and helpful hints should be substitued by a visit to your veterenarian.

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